Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh my, Kuya is sick!

It's really hard to see when your child is sick. Just this morning my Jeremy started not feeling well. It was very unusual for him to take a nap in the middle of the morning. I just noticed the fever when I was about to give him a bath.  When I took his temperature, it was 99 degrees. I decided not to give him a bath and told him to lay down instead and take a rest. I immediately gave him an Ibuprofen syrup to relieve the fever. While taking care of my sick boy, I asked myself, why did he get sick? When he woke up this morning he was perfectly fine. Did he get a virus yesterday when we went out to get his Dad's iPhone at Oxmoor Mall? Oh my poor little boy, if only Mommy can take that fever instantly.

Came lunch I prepared a noodle soup for him and a cup of juice to drink. We were in the middle of feeding when he suddenly threw up. He was crying this time and telling me "Mom, I'm not feeling well". My heart was broken into pieces seeing him like this but I kept myself calm and told him that he's gonna be OK. Good thing he still ate a little bit and took a nap again. Although I continue to give him the Ibuprofen syrup every six hours, the fever went on and off the whole afternoon.

Hubby and I were happy when he finished his dinner this evening. So far no fever and no throwing up this time. We're hoping for a fever free the whole night otherwise we will bring him to the Doctor for a check up tomorrow. I still like to see my boy goofing inside the house or playing with his little brother rather than being him sick.

Lord, please take away my son's fever. We miss his "kakulitan"
We love you Jeremy. Get well soon.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Party Time!

How time flies so fast. Just last year I was anticipating the arrival of my baby boy. Here I am now busy preparing for his 1st Birthday party. My Bryce is turning ONE!

Hubby and I chose the Toy Story 3 theme for our Bryce's birthday party. When we watched the movie, we even brought him with us and we're happy that he was behaved the whole time we were watching the movie. I guess our Bryce enjoyed seeing the Toy Story 3 gang! Funny because when Kuya Jeremy turned One in 2006, Pixar also released their movie Disney Cars which we used for his birthday theme and now here's another Pixar movie. Perfect timing indeed! Oh I love Pixar!

Birthday parties are for kids but preparing for their party are for mommies right? Yesterday we were at Dollar Store & Card Factory outlet buying Toy Story 3 items for party favor. The more I got excited for my son's party...yey! I'm expecting some party supplies from the Philippines next month. Thanks for hubby's Aunt and sister-in-law for helping me with the tarpaulin and party favors for the adult guests. We'll distribute the party invites first week of August. A lot of things to accomplish in my "to do list", will take one step at a time here. I'm not hoping for a "perfect" birthday party but an enjoyable and memorable one for my Bryce.