Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm baaack!

I'm back! Yipee...hehe
After my last entry, wasn't able to write anything in my blog because I really got very busy packing things for our Manila vacation.
Then, our June 18 flight came. We're in Manila from June 19-June 30. July 1 when we got back here.
It was really a very short vacation but indeed a fun & memorable once again.
Wasn't able to go out of town though because of the typhoon plus the little boy got sick pa for 2 days (will write another blog for this).
Aside from the wedding ( the major reason why we went home) that we attended, majority of the vacation was spent with our families, relatives & some close friends and we're so happy about that.
I told hubby nga na even if it's one day vacation I'll grab the chance just to see my family because i miss them so much!
Take a look at our Manila 2008 Vacation in my multiply account.

To my blogger friends here, will try my best to visit your blog again starting this week...I miss reading blogs. I have couple of tags to do na rin!
Unfortunately, immediately right after we arrived home, the 3 of us got sick ( but we're all okei now, thank God!)
Then, right now we're very busy renovating our house. Just finished painting it yesterday. This week from carpet to hardwood floor naman sa living area. It's our 2008 major project for our house kasi. =)
Haaay, busy busy talaga.

Anyway, nice to be back.
Have a great week, friends!