Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Butterfly award

Thanks to JOVIE for this blog award. :)

Once accepted, the rules would be as follows:

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Passing this award to Nol, Carol, Gagay, Melisse, Laya, Sheryll, Darlene, Mikaella, Marshi & Eileen.

Have a great week! =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jeremy's Kumon Activity

One of my son's favorite thing to do everyday is his Kumon activity.
He already finished the two workbooks, the Let's Color & More Let's Color.
I'm so proud of Jeremy, he can now trace the alphabet letters & knows a lot of colors!
He does not know yet how to hold the pen & colors properly, but I know in time he will.
It's also our bonding moment together. I love doing the Kumon activity with my son.
My favorite is the Let's Sticker & Paste....hehehe.
For those who have kids ages 2 & up, I highly recommend the Kumon Workbooks.



Monday, October 20, 2008

I heart NewYork

This is our New York photo ref magnet souvenir which hubby bought in Ebay. We went to NYC last Sept. 4-8 with our good friends Matts, Bea & Ryan. It was also our post 4th wedding anniversary celebration.

Places we visited in NYC:

Sept. 4: Rockefeller Center & Empire State Bldg

Sept. 5: Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, China Town, Time Square & watched the musical Little Mermaid

Sept. 6: Manhattan Movie Sites Tour

Sept. 7: Mass @ St. Patrick Church, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Serendipity 3

Complete photos of our vacation in my Multiply account.
It was so much fun to visit the Big Apple. I really fell in love with the city. =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Flash!

Jeremy will be "The Flash" this Halloween's trick or treat. We bought his costume two weeks ago at Halloween Express. It took us awhile before we got a costume for our little boy. We went to Disney Store couple of times looking for a costume that will suit him just like we did two years in a row, but we're not able to pick one for him. I remember when we first saw the Nemo & Lightning Mcqueen costumes in Disney store, we knew immediately we found the right costume. When we went to Halloween Express store, we spent 1 1/2 hr looking again for our son's costume. When we saw the Flash toddler costume & tried it on to him, ayun na, Perfect! Not to mention the price, it was on sale...tipid pa. He was even running in the store wearing the costume, portraying the real character hehehe. It reminded me also of Eddie Murphy's movie, Daddy Day Care, a 3 1/2 boy named Tony who wears Flash costume 24/7...hehehe.
Our little boy is in his terrible 2 stage right now, running around the house suits him as our little Flash.

Little Nemo- Halloween '06

Lightning McQueen- Halloween '07

The Flash- Halloween '08