Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wii Boxing

My quiet time....

It's 37degrees outside.
My son is taking his nap so it's my quiet time to blog.

I was busy this morning updating my careerbuilder & monster account.
Yes, I'm looking for a job.
It's been more than 2yrs since I left the workforce & dedicated myself to be a full time mom & wifey.
I'm not even sure if any employer would get interested in reading my resume.
O well, I'm just trying my luck here.

I hope I can find a job that will work out in my day to day schedule.
Perhaps, I'll work late in the afternoon when hubby's already at home.
I want to try the work at home jobs out there & I'm still surfing the net about it.
Actually, i already found some websites offering this kind of job (
I'm really interested to try the job, however, there are some requirements such as own landline & personal computer that you will use alone for that job.
Of course this will cost me a lot!
Will think it over though.

How about the paid blogging huh?!
Well, I still need to do a lot of research before I jump into this.
I just did a huge mistake upon signing to a paid survey mistake...never will I do it again. =(

Ok, that's all for now. The little is already awake!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm back!

I can't remember when I exactly created my blog account here. Fortunately, I was able to remember my username here.
Ok, this is it...from now on this blog site will be my online journal.

Let me start with this...

- it's 6:04pm, last time I checked it's 30degrees outside...oh yah it's really cold!
- hubby is still working, but i know that any minute my cellfone will ring & he'll call telling that he's off from work.
- my 2yr old son is playing wii boxing now...his current score is 254...amazing for a 2yr old huh!

ok, i'll sign out for now. i need to prepare our dinner first.